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Specializing In

Bonnie Blum M.S.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Providing evaluations, consultations, and personalized treatment for individuals from toddlers through adults.

The Practice

Specializing  In

Autism spectrum disorders
Language based learning disabilities
Developmental Delay
Articulation and phonological disorders
Pragmatics and social skills
Auditory processing disorders
Phonological awareness
Receptive and expressive language delays

The Practice

Licensed in Connecticut and California, Bonnie Blum's private practice has spanned more than 25 years and focuses on evaluation and treatment of toddlers, children and adults. Referrals come from medical professionals, preschool, public and private schools as well as other professionals and past and current patients.

The goal for each treatment plan is to provide a program that addresses the individual needs of the patient and the intra-relationship of the family.

Parents and teachers are an integral part of the successful treatment process.



Easy street parking in a professional, comfortable, and non-commercial environment.

12225 Dorothy Street

Los Angeles, California, 90049


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